Textfeld: Textfeld: this is not a slogan but the experience gathered by six European schools during three years of project work on the topic : "European flavouring herbs and their usage in the regional kitchen":





In the year 2000 six European schools started an educational project supported by the EU. These school partnerships aim at enabling teachers and students insights into other cultures, languages and educational systems.

Project work on the topic " European flavouring herbs and their usage in the regional kitchen" has been carried out in various subjects in each country; theoretically in horticulture, nutrition and health care, biology ecology, history, language teaching, EDP and practically in horticulture and nutrition. In each school a herb garden has been planted, recipes have been collected and tried out. Students visited their partner schools. Teachers got to know the school systems of the partner countries and at the same time they could represent their own school. (Teachers) Exhibitions were organized,theatre plays were perfermed and there has been an active cultura exchange. I

In the first year of the project the schools produced a herb calendar; every page shows a meal from the regional kitchen of each country. In the second year a cookery book with a more comprensive collection of European recipes was developed. In the third and last year of the project the schools have been designing a homepage together; besides exhibitions about the entire project are being put up in each country.



On June 26, the  final presentation will take place in HAIDEGG 8047 Graz, Ragnitzstrasse 193